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Sunday, 29 May 2016

Term 1 arts reflection

This term our focus was beat and pulse and seeing how it relates to the class. We looked at how the pulse of the classroom gets noisey sometimes and quiet other times. Then we composed a performance called ‘Our Day’. After all this learning about beat I think my thinking is relational, because I can identify beat in many different ways like; in our day, in songs, in discos, in heartbeat and in the haka. 

Sunday, 22 May 2016

Discovery time reflection

Today at discovery time I was making an interior page for my magazine I am designing. I did it with Cerys, Natalya, Abbey, Anzu and my mum. The role I played was doing my own thing.
A strategy I used was listening to my mum when she came up with a good idea. Something new I learnt was that my mum has very good at coming up with ideas. A struggle was to keep it to a bedroom because there is so much that I like in the magazine. I showed a growth mindset when I came back from guitar and just got on with my magazine page. Next discovery time I think that I will do some more stuff on the mag because this issue needs to come out soon.😀 

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Camp poem

Swift lazy rivers pull me through the water.
Steaming hexagon pools invite me in.
Sparkling kids dive into the water.
Sizeable deep pools excite me.
Stuffy changing rooms smell of chlorine.
Stretched dark walks exhaust me.

Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Special place

The small blue desk sits on the ground silently waiting for me to sit there,
The big brown pinboard hangs on the walls displaying the photos that bring happiness to me
The nice smell of cooking wafts up my nose … Mmm homemade pizza,
Calm music plays from my radio and soothes me after a long day at school,
White walls wait to be collaged with pictures,
My snuggly bed cocoons me in its warm fluffiness and a happy sigh comes out of my mouth,
That is why this is my special place.

Monday, 29 February 2016


As she the teacher poured the little Kernell's into the yellow monster the sound was loud it like metal touching metal, then once she was finished and after a while it turned into a “pop, pop, pop”

 Suddenly the yellow monster started to making a peculiar smell like a broken hair dryer then after a while the smell started to change it reminded me of the movies and I got hungry. 

Then when I was most unexpecting it the yellow monster started to spit out popcorn. 
To me it looked fluffy shrunken edible clouds flinging out like little hot bullets.

But the taste was a different story, It tasted burnt but plain. But over all it was like a little ball of burnt crunch.

Monday, 9 November 2015

Doom beach

I found myself sinking into the wet sand, I was just about to run into the lapping waves. Three two, one, and in seconds I was covered in salt water from head to toe. I scrambled out of the icey cold water. In seconds I got ready to go in again in. I was in there again drinking the salt water although not on purpose of course.  I had had enough so I decided to walk along the crisp sand and let the waves do their lapping on their own without me.