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Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Observational Writing

Observation Writing

The colour on the leaf blends together as I see blacky brown and greeny yellow with little spots of very light green. The shape of the leaf makes it look like a monsters big hand that has seven sharp fingers and yellow veins.

When I feel it I feel a crispy leave but the stem feels round long, very thick. The inner part of the leaf is thicker than the outer part of the leaf.

When I shake it I here it crumbling but I know that it is not it just sounds like it.

When I sniff very close to the leaf I smell a very faint smell of dirt it is so faint it is nearly like it is not there.

                                      By Samantha

           Observation Writing


  1. I love your summer writing it reminds me of my summer holiday

  2. i love the way you described how the smell of leaf was so faint you could barley smell it!