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Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Water monitoring process

For science we are monitoring samples of water from the Avon River. We test it in the morning because we want it to be the temperature of the water to remain what it was in the river.

This is the process I followed.

Firstly we tested the pH with a strip of indicator paper. We dipped it in the water very quickly, then we then looked at the colour of the paper and compared it to the pH indicator sheet to find out the number of pH it was.

Thirdly We looked at the TDS (total dissolved solids) in the water. We put the TDS tool in the water and swirled it around and waited a little bit then held down the hold button and looked at the number on it and wrote the number down.

We also tested the temperature of the water with the thermometer. By doing this we got a thermometer and put it in the water. It took a little while for the liquid to go up the thermometer but eventually it went down or up.

We then  tested the turbidity to find out the clarity for the water. There were four different sizes of writing that we held up to the water to see what sizes we could read. There is size 9, size, 14 size, 24 and size 40. What font sizes we can read determines the turbidity of the water.

Then we tested the water conditions, if the water was murky we would've probably known why because it would have probably rained that night before would've have disturbed the mud at the bottom of the river.

I monitored water to check the quality of our local waterways I think that you should try water monitoring too.

                      By Samantha

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