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Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Term 2 inquiry reflection

This term for inquiry we learnt about waterways, the plants around it and the things that live in it. We also learned how to monitor the waterways and how important they our for our environment. We chose to do something to reduce people littering in our waterways.  

I went to the Water Pumping Station and to the Groynes to learn about how water is Taonga. I learnt a lot about the aquifers under the ground where our water comes from, which goes to places such as the water pumping station where it is pumped into our taps so that we can drink it.

Some people in the class decided to do riparian planting next to the waterways so that the sediment wouldn't get into the waterways.

But other people did stencilling around the drains with sentences that said stuff on them like “Drains go to Rivers and Streams. Rain Only.”

Or some people made a poster to raise awareness about our waterways or made an iMovie which is what I made.

I made it on how throwing rubbish on ground is affecting our waterways. It was filmed on the set of the Avon river. I was the environmentalist I discussed the main effects on the local waterways. For example the bacteria, grease, and other chemicals polluting the living things in the water, such as water boatmen, smelt, backswimmers, eels, whitebait and dragonflies, and how the pollution kills them and is not good for the waterway environment. I also said how we can stop it, I said things like stop littering in the waterways. I made the I movie with my friends, there was Abbey and Geordie as the reporter Paisley was the filmer Bradley was the demonstrator.

At the end of the term we had a big finale to show of all of our work that we did over the term and the things that we learnt over the term.

                             By Samantha 

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