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Thursday, 22 October 2015

Hiding spot

I hear 1 - 2 - 3 and in seconds I was so far away that I couldn't even hear him anymore.

“Look, a tree with long branches covered in leaves”,  my cousin Karina says.

We both run there.

“Perfect”, I think, “concealed - that is great”, as my body is jumping up and down and I give my cousin a high five when we are in the tree.

Then I hear a loud voice “ready or not I come”.

“be quiet” I say to my cousin “they are coming our way” I lie on the leaves - the branches hiding me like green camouflage from hunting and fishing.Then he walked straight past the tree that we are hiding in.

Yah then I give my cousin another high five oops I think he heard that but he keeps walking. Then I wonder if they will ever find us here in our hiding place. After that I hear “found you”.

fletcher came out then another “found you”

Edward came out.

Now they are looking for us and they split up. Karina and I say “we won... here we are” and we come out but no one is there.

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